Which graph represents a function? How do you know?

Accepted Solution

The graph which is a function is graph Β DFurther explanation Set A to set B is said to be a function if each member of set A pairs is exactly one member of set BSo, one value of x is only assigned to one value of yA function can be expressed in the form of a cartesian diagram, sequential pairs, or arrow diagramIf y is a function of x, then y = f (x)where x is the independent variable and y is the dependent variablex is the domain and y is the result area or rangeThere are several forms of function including:1. linear function2. quadratic function3. trigonometric functions4. polynomial function5. fraction function etc. One of the features mentioned above is that the function graph must map each domain member (x value) with one codomain member value ySo the graph is not a function if a graph that has one or more domain members is paired with more than one member of the codomainIf we look at graphs A, B and C, for the same x value has a different y valueSo that it can be concluded that the graph which is a function is graph DLearn more F (x) = x2 + 1 g (x) = 5 - xhtps://brainly.com/question/2723982the inverse of the function f (x) = 2x-10 of the function: domain, codomain, function, graphic