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Accepted Solution

Answer:Part A: Option CPart B: Option BStep-by-step explanation:Part A:  We have to find the equation of a straight line having x-intercept at (3,0) and y-intercept at (0,2). Now, using intercept form of straight line equation we can write the equation of the required straight line is [tex]\frac{x}{3} + \frac{y}{2} = 1[/tex] ⇒ [tex]\frac{y}{2} = 1 - \frac{x}{3}[/tex] ⇒ [tex]y = - \frac{2}{3} x + 2[/tex]  So, option C is correct. (Answer) Part B:  See the graph of the straight line provided. The straight line passes through the points (10, 80) and (20, 100) Therefore, the slope of the straight line is given by [tex]\frac{100 - 80}{20 - 10} = \frac{20}{10} = 2[/tex] therefore, option B is correct. (Answer)