Shay created the table below to graph the equation r-3-sin theta (rounded to the hundredths place). Analyze the table. Did Shay make a mistake? If there is a mistake, which point is incorrect?

Accepted Solution

Answer:B is falseStep-by-step explanation:Let's check Shay's table:if [tex]\theta=0,[/tex] then [tex]r=3-\sin 0=3-0=3[/tex] (true);if [tex]\theta =\dfrac{\pi}{6},[/tex] then [tex]r=3-\sin \dfrac{\pi}{6}=3-\dfrac{1}{2}=2.5[/tex] (true);if [tex]\theta = \dfrac{\pi}{4},[/tex] then [tex]r=3-\sin \dfrac{\pi}{4}=3-\dfrac{\sqrt{2}}{2}\approx2.29[/tex] (true);if [tex]\theta=\dfrac{\pi}{3},[/tex] then [tex]r=3-\sin \dfrac{\pi}{3}=3-\dfrac{\sqrt{3}}{2}\approx 2.13[/tex] (false);if [tex]\theta =\dfrac{\pi}{2},[/tex] then [tex]r=3-\sin \dfrac{\pi}{2}=3-1=2[/tex] (true).