Graph ​ y−5=−2/3(x+9) ​ using the point and slope given in the equation.Use the line tool and select two points on the line.

Accepted Solution

Answer: There are several points you could use:1. (0,-1)2.(3,-3)3. (6,-5)4. (9,-7)5.(-3,1) (Just to name a few...)Step-by-step explanation:To check these, all you'd have to do is substitute each value in the coordinate. For example, to check if (9,-7) would satisfy the equation, you'd substitute 9 for x and -7 for y, as shown below:(-7) - 5 = -2/3 (9 +9)Next, you'd solve the equation. Since (-7) - 5 is basically the same as -7 + -5, or the opposite of 7+5 (which is 12), the answer for the left side would be -12. Then, you would solve for the right. 9 + 9 is the same as 18. Using that knowledge, you could solve for the rest of the right side by multiplying -2/3 by 18, which is -12.Since -12 = -12, we know that the coordinates (9,-7) satisfy the equation.